Smart Manufacturing

Safe Human-Robot COLLABORATION in Automated Assembly Lines

Reliable indoor positioning (<10cm) enables several innovative location-based services, because such accuracy levels essentially allow real-time interaction between humans and cyber-physical systems. Activity recognition, machine navigation (e.g., “shelf” level), geo-fencing, and automated robotics; are among services that yield safety-critical assembly processes and logistics. Typical cyber-physical components in an HRC use case include robots, PLCs, safe microcontrollers, wearables (e.g. suit for human motion capturing), positioning systems and wired/wireless communication technologies.

ASSURED Framework will be deployed and will orchestrate the layered attestation and verification approach to the indoor localization service for safety critical industrial CPSoS. More specifically, the demonstrator will be used as a testbed to recognise manipulation of the HRC software and hardware components during operation and reconfiguration process, e.g. in production where a new component is introduced into the assembly process.

ASSURED Framework will be able to perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the CPS attacks as well as to provide the essential security mechanisms in order to provide enhanced data integrity and trustworthiness and recognize a manipulation of used CPS components which shall lead to appropriate mitigation steps through the combined use of RA, attestation and trust management.

Dedicated slides are available here.